Do you dream of buying an apartment as a second home in Portugal?

Discover the advantages of investing in this amazing country.

Member of the European Union since 1987, Portugal, a country of 10 million inhabitants, is the most westerly country on the European continent. Portugal is easily accessible thanks to very good road and airport infrastructures.

Almost 900 years old, Portugal offers a rich history, an impressive architectural heritage and full of interesting visits. If the nature of the Portuguese gives the impression that they are rather reserved, you will always be welcomed but never assaulted.

Portugal develops 850 km of coastline and a rich maritime past. The country is resolutely turned towards the Ocean. The beaches of the Algarve (2013: prize of the best beaches Travel Choice) are the best known. But the beaches of Lisbon are quite equivalent alternating small coves of scarlet cliffs and large sandy beaches. This region offers all the leisure activities.

For the greater comfort of prospective buyers, French, the first foreign language until the 1970s, or English are widely spoken by the Portuguese.



The climate of Portugal is one of the most pleasant in Europe. You will find all year round a climate neither too hot nor too cold. With about 300 days of sunshine a year, you will enjoy beautiful winter days! No more dullness!



Portugal offers a wide range of flavors from local to international cuisine. From seafood to wild pork, fish to the famous bacalhao (cod), tasty fruits and vegetables, all this consists of simple and delicious recipes. Let’s not forget its excellent wines which, in recent years, have finally acquired the international recognition that they deserved. Nostalgic of Camembert and other international dishes? You will find many products that you usually buy in supermarkets.



This is undoubtedly one of the major assets and one the good reason to buy in Portugal. Everyday life remains very accessible. For example, a 3-course restaurant costs between 20 and 30 euros. Food in general offers very advantageous prices compared to the prices offered in France, England, Germany or Belgium. This environment allows active or retired expatriates to live very comfortably.




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